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Table-top roleplaying games are tons of fun, but the barrier to entry is HIGH because systems like D+D are dense.

Popular low-level one-shots aren't a great solution. They're written with the assumption that players are new to the adventure (ie: level 1-3) but not to the game (ie: brand new players). 

Getting over the learning curve is rough and that means a lot of potential players will never get to the truly fun parts of immersive play. 

A Strong Start! is designed for low-level players who are brand new to the game. It does things that most low-level adventures don't: 

  • Provides a scaled, scaffolded narrative to intentionally move players through learning basic mechanics, seeing how those mechanics work, and then practicing them in real time (before combat);
  • Encourages players to focus on learning mechanics by limiting character options; 
  • Purposefully mimics themes and tropes from other kinds of adventures (like books, video games, board games, etc...); and
  • Includes GM tips written specifically for GMs who are teaching brand new players about the game.

This game consists of two separate .zip packets, containing PDF and PNG files:

1) The basic 'zine for game play, along with a bonus blank color-coded character sheet. These are PDF files. 

2) A bunch of digital extras including 16 pre-generated characters, custom artwork by Cloudmallow and Warren Kennedy, GM resources for coaching newbies, location descriptions, maps, NPC stats, and more. 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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